When asked this question, ‘If a genie comes like poof and tells you he’ll grant your every desire, what would you ask for?’

Most people would probably wish for basic “feel good” things like money, fame , the most beautiful girl in the world , that sort of thing.

Simply put, I would ask that genie for a do-over. You know, like a chance to restart but the only difference between then and now is that you know how to handle the same situations that made you do what you regret.

They say we learn from our mistakes but what’s the point of learning from it if we’re not gonna get that chance again.

So we just live with the regret and try to forget it ever happened even though the reality of its damage can only be suppressed for a limited amount of time.

We forget but its only temporary.. Unless of course you get in a car crash and mess up your brain and get amnesia or something.

It’s said “the problem with regret is that it always comes after its too late

I want a do-over, don’t you?